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En Pointe & Co.

En Pointé The Boutique was founded in 2015 by Dahlia Mohd and Natasha Sulaiman, and features a thoughtfully curated selection of designs by Asian designers. The designs featured include those by renowned labels as well as emerging talents, all of whom share our vision for everyday luxury – beautifully designed and high-quality, yet affordable, pieces.

Our Story

The beginning

“En Pointe & Co.” is the brainchild of Natasha Sulaiman and I, back in 2015, except that it did not start off as “En Pointe & Co.” but “Nailed Pte Ltd”. Confused? So were we.

It all started in 2015 when I, having been in KL for almost 4 years and exposed to the world of the burgeoning and vibrant KL fashion industry decided that it was time to start something of my own. Over the years, I have worked with “Ishq by Nora Zee” and had come up with the idea of bringing in KL designer bridalwear for Singapore brides through “Ishq by Nora Zee”. Nora, who has been a friend of mine for over a decade, had just started out in the Singapore bridal industry and was looking for something to distinguish herself from the other bridal companies. It seemed opportune then that since I was based in Kuala Lumpur and already connected to fashion insiders there, I could just tap on my network and work with the designers there to bring their bridal collections to Singapore. Furthermore, as far as the Malaysian bridal scene was concerned, they specialize in handmade, bespoke and highly detailed gowns owing to their large local artisan communities. There were ateliers and highly skilled craftsmen which were more than capable in producing beautiful and fashion forward bridal piece. The idea was a success and the rest was history.

Off Pointe or On Point?

It was then a race against time. We needed to look for a shop space to sell the collections. A weekend market perhaps? Or an empty warehouse? We even contemplated an AirBnB to have our sale. In the end, luck was on our side and Natasha managed to negotiate for a 10-day lease on an empty shophouse at 10 Baghdad Street. We also managed to find other vendors and partners, who were also interested in having a temporary shop space for their Raya products. The next thing to do was to look for designers in KL who were willing to have their collections sold in Singapore.